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Winter is here!

This is the time of year pet owners need to watch their dog or cats water availability carefully. Frozen bowls of water can happen quickly outside. Additionally all pets need to have adequate shelter outside and ideally be brought indoors when the thermometer reaches 20 degrees (or sooner if possible). Just like human beings, dogs and cats can suffer from frostbite and hyperthermia. If you suspect this has happened to your pet, please call our number right away. 

Winter Weight

Yup, it's true. Dog's and cat's can be afflicted by the dreaded winter weight gain. Just like some of their favorite human beings, pets tend to be less active in the colder months. Instead of cutting back calories to compensate for lack of exercise, we tend to keep feeding the same amount of food to them.

We have several diet options for inactive pets, and healthy treat suggestions as well. Please let us know if you would like help preventing your dog or cat's seasonal weight gain.

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